Beginning Piano At Home by Jessica Dutton

Beginning Piano At Home

Yes -- your child CAN learn piano at home. This 10-lesson video series to accompany our favorite curriculum for beginning primary students can help.  

New lessons will become available each week for 10 weeks. At the end of the course, you will have the option to progress to the next level in the series whenever you're ready.

Your child can start learning piano now!

Join Mrs. Jessica as she guides children and their grown-ups through the introductory lessons of this primer curriculum to introduce beginning pianists to early note reading in an environment carefully crafted to meet the physical capabilities of young piano students... in the comfort of your own home.

This introductory course is a 10-week, self-paced video curriculum designed to be completed with the support of an adult. Students will receive a weekly reminder to prompt them to complete their lesson for the week to help them stay on track. Private lessons and consultations via Zoom may be added if desired and appropriate for the student.

This curriculum is recommended for ages 5+ who are ready to start reading music notation. Younger students or those who need extra support may benefit from completing the preschool piano curriculum first.

In this course, students will gain an understanding of the keyboard, music notation fundamentals, and build the skills needed to advance in piano playing with engaging illustrations, hilarious dialogue, and a step-by-step scaffolding approach that makes it easy to progress at home.

In addition to your video course, which includes instructions for implementing the curriculum at home, material lists, introductory videos for each lesson, and a lesson walk-through for each chapter (to be used with the student or as an instructional guide for the parent-teacher), your tuition includes one primer level 1 piano book per child registration to accompany the lessons that will be shipped to your home after your registration. Please include an accurate shipping address in your registration. Shipping times may vary.

All of this for less than the national average price of ONE month of private music lessons and the confidence of knowing you can learn piano in the comfort of your own home with a qualified, experienced music instructor.

Jessica Dutton has been teaching piano for over a decade to learners of all ages. She has a masters degree in music education and is passionate about making music learning accessible and achievable for all students. She is also a mom of three and understands the challenges of both parents and children when it comes to learning music. She runs Jubilee Music in Rogers, Arkansas where she leads live and virtual instruction in early childhood music, piano, and other music programs.
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Jessica Dutton is a mom, musician, teacher, business owner, and cheerleader for amazing people pursuing their dreams. In addition to resources for music students, parents, and educators, she provides personal and professional development for musicians, teachers, and other creative entrepreneurs.