Entrepreneurship for Teachers by Jessica Dutton

Entrepreneurship for Teachers

It's time to share your skills and expertise with the world outside your classroom. Turn your creativity and passion into a real business and experience the freedom and security of working for yourself -- as a side hustle, part-time income, or even full-time career. 

Most teachers have the knowledge and experience needed to build a successful business -- they simply lack the entrepreneurial skills and confidence to make it happen. In this course, we'll cover everything from business mindset and ideas to final products and marketing and get your ready to channel your passion into launching your own business.  

Teaching is hard.

You've got the passion. The drive. The expertise.

But that doesn't change the fact that today's educators face huge struggles in the classroom.

It is SO hard.

I know. I taught music in the public schools for seven years, and my husband has been teaching for even longer.

I LOVE teachers and the amazing work they do. I LOVE our local schools and the ways they strive to meet incredible challenges.

But I also know that teachers are tired and frustrated. I know that the work you want to do can be limited by your situation. I know you are talented and capable and have so much to share--but sometimes feel like your hands are tied.

When I decided to leave public school teaching in order to have a more flexible schedule with our growing family, I wasn't ready to leave education. I wanted to use my skills and expertise to reach students--but on my terms and on my schedule.

Boy. I really didn't know what I was getting into at the time, but I have learned so much along the way.

You see, despite having multiple degrees in my field, I had ZERO idea how to even begin finding or creating a career outside of the educational system.

Five years later, I've done a TON of research and learning and have been able to successfully manage a mobile business, storefront studio, and an online business.

And you can do it too.

Look -- I don't want ANY amazing, dedicated teachers to leave the classroom. But I know that sometimes you need to explore other options.

For your happiness. For your health. For your heart.

I want to share with you what I've learned about turning my passion for education into a business that fits the needs of my life so you can be informed and ready if you decide you need to take that next step.

This course is for you if:
-You are looking for a way to turn your skills & expertise into a business, either as a new career or a "side hustle"
-You need some support deciding what you want to do or how to get started
-You are self-motivated, persistent, and ready to try something new

This course is not for you if:
-You have a background in business and know the basics of getting started
-You are hesitant to try new things
-You do not generally follow through with things

Cheering for you.

Jessica Dutton is a mom, musician, teacher, business owner, and cheerleader for amazing people pursuing their dreams. In addition to resources for music students, parents, and educators, she provides personal and professional development for musicians, teachers, and other creative entrepreneurs.