Teach Your Child Piano At Home by Jessica Dutton

Teach Your Child Piano At Home

Starts Apr 29, 2020 at 4:00 PM CDT

Join music educator and piano teacher Jessica Dutton for this workshop that will equip you to guide your child's piano learning at home.  

Learning music at a young age is SO beneficial to children.

It improves cognitive development and motor skills. It supports essential learning like reading and math. And it provides an outlet for self expression and creativity.

Unfortunately many children have had to put their music learning on hold during these unique times. Others may not have yet begun formal music lessons due to complications like busy schedules or tight finances.

But now--more than ever!--music matters and should not be left out of your child's education.

And guess what?

You. Can. Do. It.

Yes! That's right!

I've taught piano for over a decade, and I want to make sure children everywhere have the opportunity to develop these skills. That's why I'm bringing you this presentation to help parents and caregivers know how to teach their young child the basics of piano -- easily, effectively, and in a way that sets them up for future success in music.   

In this webinar, I will share my secrets for teaching piano to young learners. And with these tips and some commitment, you'll see that it's easier than you might think to make music learning and music-making a part of your child's home education.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • The big goals of early piano lessons
  • What type of instrument will suit your needs best 
  • The keys to good technique that you'll want to encourage
  • The resources available to you to make home piano lesson easy
  • The fundamentals of music that you'll need to know
  • What elements to include in your piano lessons
  • How to address common issues in early lessons
  • Strategies for making home piano lessons fit into your family schedule
  • How to avoid the frustration that can come with being your child's piano teacher

This webinar is for you if...
  • You have a child of preschool or primary age or a special needs learner who would benefit from a pre-reading curriculum
  • You have a desire to support your child's piano learning -- either as their primary teacher or as a support to their current music education
  • You have (or will have) access to an instrument for practice and instruction
  • You have a love for music that you want to share with your child -- no technical knowledge required! (though it can be helpful of course)     

Webinar participants will receive:
  •  Access to the live presentation with an opportunity to have their questions answered
  • A PDF list of free and low cost resources available to make it easy to step into piano teaching at home
  • A link to the replay of the webinar to rewatch any time
  • A special discount on Jessica's virtual music programs 

Why am I so passionate about sharing this information with you?

Because learning music changed my life.

And it didn't happen at an expensive school or with a specialized teacher.

It happened in my living room.

You can share the gift of music with your child too.

What better time to introduce your child to music and open the door to a lifetime of learning and music-making?!

You have what it takes to lead your child to learn music early, and I can't wait to show you how.

Jessica Dutton has been teaching piano for over a decade to learners of all ages. She has a masters degree in music education and is passionate about making music learning accessible and achievable for all students. She is also a mom of three and understands the challenges of both parents and children when it comes to learning music. She runs Jubilee Music in Rogers, Arkansas where she leads live and virtual instruction in early childhood music, piano, and other music programs.